Behind the scenes of the New York Giants installation

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale asked me to design an exhibit about the New York Giants in their rehab facility which looked like this. They had the authentic turf and needed to build around that.


At the end of the first day of installation, it looked like this!2015-10-29 14.01.56

So, there’s still some work to be done, but this transformation was an involved journey with some really interesting design and fabrication techniques that I want to share with you. We started with floorplans and elevations. I proposed that the wall should be painted Giants blue with a red stripe at the top and bottom, to mimic some of the Giants posters and banners we had. To our surprise, Glidden actually makes paint that matches sport team colors. In the plans, I clearly delineated the space into an “image wall,” “mural wall” and an “artifact wall.” We used a lot of really terrific materials which I will touch on here, and describe more fully in future posts.


One of the first steps in the installation process was to hang the vinyl mural. It was done in three sections with nearly invisible seams. The image shows a crowd watching New York Giants vs. the Chicago Bears at Yankee Stadium. Here’s a video of it being installed!

The client wanted to use all the images provided celebrating Super Bowl wins in 2008 and 2012, so for the “image wall,” I organized them into two symmetrical areas. We the applied the graphic banners with vinyl directly to the wall, and to add some dimensionality, used acrylic panels with offsets. We were able to print directly onto the acrylic, which is an incredible new approach, as it saves both time and money in comparison to printing and mounting panels onto a substrate. The photographs looked exquisite and I wish I could do them justice here.

2015-10-29 11.37.57 acrylic-cropped

For the overdoor, we used a material called Dibond. In the proper light, it has the appearance of individual brushed metal letters, but is actually applied with a very quick process of  using adhesive and a template.

2015-10-29 12.14.36

The last component to go in were the artifacts. in the locker and on the wall. Check back soon and I’ll share pictures of the finished product.2015-10-29 14.05.46

To see the sitting room at the Hebrew Home that we turned into an homage to the New York Yankees, click here.

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