Client Stories


My team and I contacted Johanna Goldfeld only 7 months before the opening of our exhibition “Image of a Living Church,” a commemorative exhibition in observance of the 50th anniversary of St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral, located at Second Ave and 34th St in Manhattan. We were referred to her by the Metropolitan Museum.

As a group of volunteers who knew little to nothing about an exhibition of this type, we embarked upon the project with a steep learning curve.

Johanna was so very helpful in coaching our team; we were passionate about our subject matter, but had little experience in curating an exhibition. She was patient, understanding, and extremely organized. She kept us on track and guided us to the best uses of our material. She also grasped the sacred nature of the project. We were privileged to have her artistic sensibility applied to our project. Her skills extend beyond the visual and technical abilities of a designer. She has great verbal and written communication skills; she selected and managed the installer and printer we used for the project which would have been a daunting prospect for us without her help.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or outcome using Johanna Goldfeld for this exhibition.  We had a very successful opening with over 600 people in attendance and the exhibition will remain up for the remainder of the year for church members from other regions to visit. I am very grateful to Johanna and recommend her without reservation.

-Sandra Shahinian Leitner, St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral

Johanna Goldfeld to us came highly recommended by Mark Podwal, an artist for whom she designed an exhibition.  I was so pleased with her work that we have used her for four exhibitions. She’s created graphic identities, designed text panels and labels, and determined complex sizing and arranging of photographs.  She is a team player in the best sense: taking direction, providing a creative response, responding to requests for change, and finally getting it all into production.  I’ll definitely be calling her for our next show, too.
-Nancy Johnson, Curator, Museum at Eldridge Street

Johanna is amazingly talented and a joy to work with, qualities best exemplified by  her work on the National Academy School course catalog.  She deftly balanced the many competing interests — which included a few artists who fashioned themselves as designers — and created a piece that is at once practical, user-friendly, accessible, while also conveying the fact that the Academy is one of New York’s most storied and innovative art schools.
-Dewey Blanton, Director, Communications and Public Relations, National Academy Museum & School, NYC

It was so great to work with you, and thanks for your creativity, patience and amazing effort in bringing Yankees Dugout  to life on such an accelerated timeframe.
-Susan Chevlowe, Chief Curator and Museum Director, Derfner Judaica Museum and The Art Collection, The Hebrew Home at Riverdale

Johanna was really great to work with – she has creative and insightful ideas, is easy-going and completely organized! After she developed the graphics and worked with us to select a color palette for our new 2,000 sq. ft 19th and 20th century galleries, called Making Connecticut, we asked her re-design the graphics in the existing 17th and 18th century galleries. This part of the project was particularly challenging because the graphics for the old exhibition needed to be integrated into the new design so it all looked like the one exhibition – and it does! We especially appreciated her work on an interactive map – she had many helpful suggestions that improved our original concept considerably. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!
–Andrea Rapacz, Head of Interpretive Projects, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford

Since 2006, with her use of color, font choices and imagery, Johanna has created consistent and dynamic design packages for The Forbes Galleries.  She continues to figure out new and exciting ways to marry the content of a given exhibit with the graphic scheme so that they speak to each other seamlessly. When she began working with us, she brought a whole new dimension to graphics at The Forbes Galleries, which continues to evolve to this day as our gallery spaces expand and change. She brought us into the twenty-first century and the third dimension with her knowledge and use of Vectorworks and InDesign; thus expanding our ability to see the finished look prior to installation in record time (as opposed to the 100% hand-made paper mockups we were using previously). Johanna’s exceptional design, writing, and managerial skills, in combination with her curatorial background and lovely demeanor make her a pleasure to work with and a true asset to our department.
–Bonnie Kirschstein, Managing Director, The Forbes Galleries, NYC

I asked Johanna to design a logo for my pottery shop, as well as some stamps, and I was thrilled with the process and the results. Johanna is an excellent communicator, and she listened to my opinions throughout the process. She brought me some great ideas and even incorporated photos of my work in her design. I was impressed with the options that Johanna sent to me, and the final designs are amazing. It’s so cool to see such a creative visualization of my shop.
-Lorraina Raccuia-Morrison, Shop Owner, NYC

The exhibition is amazing. You did a beautiful job and we’ve received so many compliments! We hope to have a couple of events while it is up and plan to use the components as often as possible throughout the remainder of the year. Thank you again for a superb job. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
–Toby Boshak, Executive Director, Princess Grace Foundation-USA, NYC

The brochures arrived on Thursday afternoon and look wonderful! Everyone (including the Executive Director!) was so impressed. You did a fantastic job and I want to thank you for your vision and your patience:-).
–Kate Williamson, Curatorial Assistant, Museum of Biblical Art, New York, NY

Johanna Goldfeld was marvelously creative in her design of an exhibition of my drawings, which included actual New York Times OP-ED pages. Her original ideas were utilized by the gallery for subsequent exhibitions.
–Mark Podwal, artist and author, NYC

My non-profit, REVEAL, means the world to me. Our staff came to Johanna to design our website. We had some ideas, some hopes for the feel of the site but we didn’t quite know the exact image or design that would somehow capture it all. Johanna did. When she had me log in to the test site to see what she had created for REVEAL, I got chills, turned red, and filled with tears. It fit REVEAL so magnificently. I could not have been happier. And working with Johanna is a pleasure. She is flexible and so forgiving and always understood and met our own challenges with us. I could not recommend Johanna more. I have hired her to continue updating and managing the REVEAL website. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.
–Meggan Watterson, Executive Director, REVEAL

After trying to work with three other designers, we were so relieved to find someone who listened carefully, suggested wisely, and helped us organize our scattered ideas into a cohesive vision and concept for our website. Johanna is extremely patient with our lack of technological savvy, an amazing artist, and truly a delight to work with.
–Sarah Chase, Brooklyn Acupuncture Project