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In a recent survey about Pointers, Judith Haemmerle, Director of the Digital Game Museum wrote:

I am the Director of a start-up museum, which means that I do everything from painting the display frames to writing the label text to exhibition design to business management… Today you solved something I was obsessing over an hour ago, with no resolution. (Velcro! Of course!) Please, write about any random thing that comes to mind, you seem to be my guardian angel. And the real answer to #8 [what does Johanna Goldfeld Design do]? I think you can probably do absolutely anything, even leap tall buildings at a single bound. As long as you’re not standing in some new, interesting adhesive.

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Fonts we love to hate Comic Sans, Wayfinding for the MTA, Dia: Beacon
“Yankees Dugout” at The Hebrew Home at Riverdale
How to Live Without Adhesive!: National Archives exhibition at Custom House, Robert Irwin at the Whitney Museum
Villains of Typography: Rags, Cy Twombly ceiling at Louvre and gala invitation
But How Many Spaces Between?: Sentence spacing, framing @ NYU, and Grolier club)
The Space Between: Kerning, Art Jewelry catalogue, BAM ad campaign
Sticktoitiveness: Banner tape; brochures for the Museum of Biblical Art, new herb garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
What is 300ppi?: Image resolution, Grand opening at Connecticut Historical Society; Cave of Forgotten Dreams
What is Point Size, Really?: Point size, Pfizer Nutrition exhibition, “Fonts” on the radio