Leo Baeck Institute, NY / German Ambassador’s Residence, DC

I designed the layout, signage, and accompanying brochure for “The Mendelssohns: A German Family of Scholars, Bankers, and Artists” an exhibition at the German Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, DC. It was organized by the Leo Baeck Institute, an archive dedicated to the study of the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry. The focus of the exhibition is Moses Mendelssohn, a German-Jewish enlightenment philosopher, and his descendants. To make the familial connections clear, I used the motif of the family tree. Likewise, rather than treat the description of each of the descendants as a small label, I developed a panel for each case featuring that description and an image, which added clarity to this complicated story. The German Ambassador’s Residence is a striking example of contemporary German architecture which incorporates recurring squares and symmetry – this worked well with the linear motif in the graphics.

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