Academic Work – Color

The Sensation of Color
Graduate Studies Thesis
A conceptual project where I developed a 12,000 square foot museum about color. This enabled me to experiment with dynamic interactive displays, and while also creating a “white box” in which to view great works of art. I divided the museum into the following areas:
• Color and the Physical World: Shows how physical properties of color have been organized and interpreted over millennia. Highlights include a “rainbow gallery” composed purely of light, faceted glass, and mist fountains, and a chart outlining different raw materials that make up pigments and dyes, according to a time line of their use and their level in the earth.
• Color and the Body: Explores how the eye perceives color. Features include “Journey through the Human Eye”, and color blindness tests as a decorative floor motif.
• Color and the Mind: Investigates how artists and thinkers have interpreted color, focusing in particular, on how it relates to the senses. The space is meant to virtually disappear so that visitors focus on the work presented. Features include a ‘Kandinsky Room,’ opportunities to ‘see auras’ using techniques like Kirlian photography, and paintings related to color theory and music.

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