New York Giants End Zone

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale boasts a beautiful sculpture garden, a Judaica Museum, and other exhibition spaces throughout the facility. The museum director asked me to design an exhibit about the New York Giants in their rehab facility. This display was intended to inspire residents and to spark memories for patients with dementia and memory impairments. The theory is that sports is comparable to music in that it evokes memories that people might not be able to access otherwise – the Home attributes this to an emotional component, or nostalgia. Creating a non-institutional looking space, also helps residents to relax, feel comfortable, and become motivated to exercise.

To mimic some of the Giants posters and banners, I had the walls painted Giants blue with a red stripe on the top and bottom. The Superbowl images were printed directly onto acrylic, and applied to the wall with standoffs to add some dimensionality. The header is a material called Dibond, which has the appearance of individual brushed metal letters. It is actually applied with a very quick process of using adhesive and a template.

A television report from Fox News, praised this exhibit and President and co-owner of the New York Giants, John Mara, paid a visit to the home to see the display, talk with residents and take part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.


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