Yankees Dugout

Update! Most recently we added a component of smell into the exhibition. I worked with the client and fabricator to develop a system that could be accessed by people standing and in wheelchairs, and to create an attractive graphic. It was covered on the first page of the New York Times!

Design challenge: Make entering a niche in a senior living facility feel like walking into Yankee Stadium. To transform the space, the first step was color, bringing in a bright green to evoke the field and a sky blue. The other major design component was the “frieze” along the top to mimic the one in the stadium. This, as well as all plinths and casework was built by New Project, LLC. A turf base in the case with the bats enhanced the feel of the stadium, and the pinstripes, navy, and fonts in the graphic panels recall the Yankees.

It was so great to work with you, and thanks for your creativity, patience and amazing effort in bringing this exhibition to life on such an accelerated timeframe.
-Susan Chevlowe, Chief Curator and Museum Director

The exhibition, “Yankees Dugout” was mentioned in a several news outlets including The Wall Street Journal and NY1.

Wall Street Journal: Baseball is more thank a game at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale

NY1: http://www.ny1.com/content/news/211147/yankees-exhibit-conjures-up-memories-at-riverdale-home

Riverdale Press: http://riverdalepress.com/stories/Yankees-show-evokes-warm-memories-at-Hebrew-Home,54531

Latino Sports Online: http://latinosports.com/york-yankees-memorabilia-exhibit-opens-hebrew-home-riverdale/

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