Connecticut Historical Society


The Connecticut Historical Society wanted to revamp their permanent collection to showcase hundreds of fascinating artifacts such as costumes, historic images, and hands-on interactives supporting such topics as the Amistad, and 400 years of Connecticut demographics, culture and manufacturing. Roger Westerman designed a 2,000 square foot gallery space and structured the narrative around hearths and their evolution into the modern-day kitchen. I developed the graphic identity for the show and executed over 150 text panels, images, maps, and charts. With this exhibit, CHS is able to engage visitor's of all ages and make them proud  the states past.

Johanna was really great to work with – she has creative and insightful ideas, is easy-going and completely organized! After she developed the graphics and worked with us to select a color palette for our new 2,000 sq. ft 19th and 20th century galleries, called “Making Connecticut,” we asked her re-design the graphics in the existing 17th and 18th century galleries. This part of the project was particularly challenging because the graphics for the old exhibition needed to be integrated into the new design so it all looked like the one exhibition – and it does! We especially appreciated her work on an interactive map – she had many helpful suggestions that improved our original concept considerably. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!
–Andrea Rapacz, Head of Interpretive Projects, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford