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KHBA is a non-profit civic organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Gravesend and Midwood areas of Brooklyn. We redesigned and rebuilt their website which features donation functions, a newsletter signup, blog, and several galleries. A new logo is forthcoming.

My non-profit, REVEAL, means the world to me. Our staff came to Johanna to design our website. We had some ideas, some hopes for the feel of the site but we didn't quite know the exact image or design that would somehow capture it all. Johanna did. When she had me log in to the test site to see what she had created for REVEAL, I got chills, turned red, and filled with tears. It fit REVEAL so magnificently. I could not have been happier. And working with Johanna is a pleasure. She is flexible and so forgiving and always understood and met our own challenges with us. I could not recommend Johanna more. I have hired her to continue updating and managing the REVEAL website. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.
–Meggan Watterson, Executive Director, REVEAL


International Art Jewelry

The Forbes Galleries

Anniversaries & Timelines

Museum at Eldridge Street

St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral


Reveal Conference

The Oar House