Museum at Eldridge Street


The Museum at Eldridge Street is housed in the Eldridge Street Synagogue, a magnificent National Historic Landmark on the Lower East Side that has been meticulously restored. We've done the graphics for 6 shows in a small exhibition space including Kiki Smith: Below the Horizon and plates from The Jewish Daily Forward.

Most recently, the Museum curator came to us because she wanted to use historic photographs and the stories of three American families to construct a timeline of the rise and fall of the community of Jews in Harbin, China in the first half of the twentieth century. She compiled a complex spreadsheet to tell the different stories.  We developed and executed a system of fonts, colors, and graphs to make this large quantity of information attractive and easily digestible.

Johanna Goldfeld to us came highly recommended by Mark Podwal, an artist for whom she designed an exhibition.  I was so pleased with her work that we have used her for four exhibitions. She’s created graphic identities, designed text panels and labels, and determined complex sizing and arranging of photographs.  She is a team player in the best sense:  taking direction, providing a creative response, responding to requests for change, and finally getting it all into production.  I’ll definitely be calling her for our next show, too.

-Nancy Johnson, Curator, Museum at Eldridge Street