Forbes on Fifth


Forbes on Fifth is an event space leased by Forbes Magazine. The company owners wanted to showcase the history of the family.

There were about 50 images of varying quality to include on a 12′ wide wall. We worked to place the images strategically, both in terms of quality, importance, and aesthetic value and collaborated with the printer to determine the most attractive and durable production methods. The Forbes leadership was so pleased with the result that they decided to reproduce the wall at their offices in China.

When she began working with us in 2006, Johanna Goldfeld brought a whole new dimension to graphics at The Forbes Galleries, which continues to evolve to this day as our gallery spaces expand and change. With her use of color, font choices and imagery, she creates consistent but dynamic design packages and continues to figure out new and exciting ways to marry the content of a given exhibit with the graphic scheme so that they speak to each other seamlessly. She brought us into the twenty-first century and the third dimension with her knowledge and use of Vectorworks and InDesign; thus expanding our ability to see the finished look prior to installation in record time (as opposed to the 100% hand-made paper mockups we were using previously). Johanna’s exceptional design, writing, and managerial skills, in combination with her curatorial background and lovely demeanor make her a pleasure to work with and a true asset to our department.
–Bonnie Kirschstein, Managing Director, The Forbes Galleries